QCT Charlotte NASCAR Shuttle -- FAQ's

QCT Charlotte-NASCAR-Shuttle-FAQ's

Can I just show up or wait outside my hotel to catch the shuttle?

No. All guests must guarantee their seats by texting 704-890-5195 or calling 704-566-0104 the day before or day of the race, or by Clicking here to make reservations!

Do you offer one-way service?

Sometimes. It depends on whether we have that type of seating available the day of the race. Please text us at 704-890-5195 or call us at 704-566-0104 the day of the race to check for availability.

What time and where will you pick us up?

You have a choice between a morning or afternoon shuttle depending on your location. There is a one-hour window for the pick-up to allow for other guests to board at their location. We pick up at all hotels within a 30-mile radius of Uptown/Downtown/Center City as well as the EpiCentre in Uptown Charlotte.

Do I need to be staying at a hotel to be picked up?

We typically do not have a problem picking up guests at hotels they are not staying, however, it is a good idea to check with the manager just to make sure that it will be okay for you to park on their property.

What size vehicles do you use?

The size vehicle is determined by the number of passengers on your run. You may purchase additional seats if you are concerned about space.

What time do you depart from the track?

We depart up to one hour after the race is over or when all other guests have arrived whichever comes first.

What time will I get to the track?

Unfortunately and due to non-scheduled delays due to traffic and potential highway accidents we cannot guarantee you an arrival time. We do, however, rely on our race-day experience to get you to the track as soon and as safe as possible.

What happens if I am not ready to depart when your driver arrives?

We strongly recommend that you and your guests are ready to depart at the earliest pick-up time given as we cannot guarantee seats on another shuttle. We may, however, be able to re-schedule your pick-up if you text us at 704-890-5195 or call us at 704-566-0104 in advance. A nominal fee will apply.

Can I consume alcohol on your shuttle vehicles?

You can bring alcohol with you in a lap-size cooler, however, consumption is not permitted while seated inside our vehicles.

How will I find my driver after the race?

Your driver will furnish you and your guests with written instructions for the after-race shuttle and point out the departure location.

What if I miss the after race shuttle?

We strongly suggest that you and your guests make it back to your departure location within the maximum one-hour time frame as other guests will be waiting to get back home or to their perspective hotels. If you get lost inside the track, make sure that you leave your mobile device on so that we may contact you with directions.

Are your vehicles wheel chair accessible?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Do you accept cash?

Our drivers are typically not allowed to accept any form of payment except gratuity. All reservations need to be made by texting 704-890-5195 or calling 704-566-0104 the day before or day of the race or by clicking here in advance.

Do you offer child, senior, or AAA discounts?

Unfortunately no. We do however offer early bird and multiple day discounts. Just ask your reservations representative or click here for additional information.

What is the earliest that I can make reservations?

Anytime. The earlier you reserve the more you will save -- up to 30%! Click here for additional information.

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